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Vault 2014 Subscription Enhancements

Autodesk has made available a set of two subscription only enhancements for Vault 2014, Autodesk Vault Data Standard and Autodesk Vault 2014 Subscription Release 1.

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Move Vault to the Cloud with Windows Azure

So why not take Vault itself to the cloud while keeping the same reliability and security you currently enjoy? Windows Azure from Microsoft can provide this.

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Create a Recycle Bin for Vault

Any good CAD manager will probably tell you that giving your employees the power to delete files from the Vault at will can be a dangerous thing. Most Vault instances are setup where normal users only have read, write and modify permissions on a folder. Normal users do not have the ability to delete files or folders.

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YouTube: Managing Data with Autodesk Vault

Great video from Autodesk… Makes me want to break out my Sharpie.

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