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‘Swift Prints’ updated for Inventor 2017

Inventor 2017 is making it’s way into the hands of users now and with that, ‘Swift Prints’ has been updated and refreshed for 2017. This update is mostly under-the-hood improvements which make way for some exciting new features.

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“Swift Prints” update coming soon

I’ve been working feverishly at getting the latest update to “Swift Prints” ready. If you aren’t familiar with Swift Prints, …

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“Swift Prints” v2.4 coming soon

Just wanted to share a sneak peek at an update for ‘Swift Prints’ coming soon. Version 2.4 will provide a method to watermark your prints.

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“Swift Prints” & “Design Notes” Idea Station

Taking a cue from Autodesk, I thought I would throw some ideas out there for my Inventor add-ins and see if you all may have some ideas for them as well.

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