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Cookin’ with Inventor

This is pretty cool. I received an email from Rejean Brousseau that said the following.

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Rendering Contest

I was looking for some cool Inventor renderings to display as the new header image on this blog for the upcoming month. I thought I would have some fun with it and open it up as a contest. Submit your best renderings from Inventor and I’ll let you all vote on your favorite for display …

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Making your Inventor Render Better

You spent a lot of time on your latest Inventor design and now it’s time to show it off. Everyone at some point has done simple screen captures of their models and pasted them into PowerPoint. This will certainly convey your design but will definitely be lacking the wow factor. (See Image 1) The addition …

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How To Animate the Camera in Inventor Studio

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snIEsbLO9yg Courtesy of symetriuk on YouTube

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