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Autodesk Labs: Project Factory.Modz()

From Autodesk Labs, Project Factory.Modz() is an add-in for Autodesk Factory Design Suite that brings physics based animation to Factory Design Suite.

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Project Nitrous from Autodesk Labs

I found myself trying out Project Nitrous from Autodesk Labs this weekend. Nitrous seems to be some pretty sweet and clean code for sharing documents over the web. This could be the forerunner to what I discussed  in this post regarding Autodesk’s upcoming 11/29 announcement. If you note on the Nitrous page, it says the …

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Labs: 3D Annotation for Inventor

Autodesk Labs sent out this heads up via email today: The 3D Annotation for Inventor technology preview was released in July 2010. Autodesk Inventor 2012 was not released until April 2011. This is just a reminder that although it was not mentioned when the technology preview was first announced, the technology preview is compatible with …

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New on Labs: 3D Annotations for Inventor

A new beta tool has been released on Autodesk Labs which allows you to annotate a part file within the modeling environment. This may be a handy tool for quickly communicating design intent from a designer to a drafter or dropping into a design review presentation. If you make widgets at your company, you could technically …

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