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AutoCAD WS update 1.1: Offline Support

Once again Autodesk, with an ear out to the user community is soon releasing an update to the popular iPhone app, AutoCAD WS. This update adds: Offline editing Email attachment support Sharing from Mobile Device Support for Retina Display Bringing offline support to this application will surely open the door for using this as an …

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AutoCAD WS Grafitti

I posted a DWG on the AutoCAD WS site for everyone to add something to. I want to see what you all can constructively contribute to this empty canvas. I’ll check it in a month to see what it looks like. You will need a free ¬†AutoCAD WS account in order to save the file. …

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Autocad WS for iPhone & iPad

Autocad WS for the iPhone or iPad is now available within the Apple App store. At first use, it took some time to login. Not sure why, but it could have been my data connection at the time. Which is also probably why I’m receiving constant error messages about no connection. Autodesk may need to …

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