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All Thumbs v2.0

All Thumbs

Somewhat long overdue update to ‘All Thumbs’ has been released. This update is a total re-write of the application. You will now have the ability to turn off the application from the admin interface window. If your not familiar with what ‘All Thumbs’ does, it basically allows you to set a predefined standard background color and options for file thumbnail views no matter what your Inventor background color or options are set to. You can download it from the ‘CAD Tools’ page here:

All Thumbs - Admin Window












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Design Notes v2.0

Design Notes I posted the next version of Design Notes (v2.0). You now have the ability to export notes to .CSV format. The tag ‘lite’ also has been dropped from the name. Enjoy.

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Creating Custom Content Center Libraries: Part 2

In this post I’ll go thru the process of importing an iPart into a new content center family. First things first, let’s create your new family (no diapers required). Let’s get started by opening the Content Center Editor.

Content Center Editor







Once the editor opens, you’ll need to select the read/write library we created in the first post.

Select Library










Now we’ll need to create a new category to store the part family. Right click the left pane a select the ‘Create Category’ link.


Create Category







 Now we’re going to enter the category information. Let’s create a ‘Lego’ category by entering the name and uploading some thumbnail images. In Autodesk’s infinite wisdom, they failed to provide the size requirements for the images you upload for the category thumbnails. I’ve found somewhere around 60 pixels wide X 42 pixels high works best for the large thumbnail. I always use the same size for the small thumbnail. It doesn’t seem to make much difference as it will scale the image for you anyway.

Name Category
















A popup message will appear asking if you want to refresh your local view. This just allows you to see the new category you just created.

 Refresh View







You’ll now be able to see the ‘Lego’ category in the left pane. That’s it for now, in the next post I’ll take you through the real guts of actually adding the iPart family to the category.

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