Time to reduce some clutter

Sometimes you have to take a step back and think about what projects you have outstanding, what you’re working on and what consumes your time in order to re-evaluate priorities. You can say this is a result of the pandemic, or the change in lifestyles with working from home, spending more time with family or whatever but it also can be attributed to wanting to cutout the projects that bring no more personal or professional satisfaction anymore. Reducing what’s not fun, what’s not important or not rewarding gives you the opportunity to fill your time with more challenging activities and more rewarding projects.

With all that being said, I’ve come to the decision to stop any further development or release maintenance on Swift Prints and Design Notes after the current 2021 release. Plenty of you have been using these apps and have found them valuable and that’s great but all good things eventually come to an end and it’s time to put these to rest. After the 2022 Autodesk products roll out, these apps will be considered depreciated.

These were designed to originally fill-in short term gaps in Inventor functionality. Now over 10 years later, it’s still lots of clicks to send a print. I would encourage you to post to the Inventor Idea Forums asking for what these apps provide if you enjoy using them. 

BatchLogic will remain as sandbox type project. I have some ideas for this I still want to try out that I think would be really cool if it all comes together as I want. You’re more than welcome to continue using this at your own discretion.

So what’s next? I have a few projects that are in a completely different direction that I want to pursue. Some are CAD related and some are not. I’ll be sure to post here or on Twitter any updates that’s worth sharing. Of course, CAD is still my passion and you’ll still find some new posts, tips and tricks and all sorts of random thoughts from me on here and on Twitter.


Thanks to all who have put some extra coins in my coffee cup over the years. I do appreciate it. Onward and upward!

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AU 2020 is underway

Autodesk University is underway with a record 100K+ registrants with all classes being virtual, pre-recorded or Zoom based.  This is also the first year I’m giving a class. Check out MFG468044, Hack the Vault Job Processor.

I’ve been dropping into some great class sessions, although it’s been a little more tricky to stay focused with work just a screen away and the virtual school for my kids just downstairs. I’m looking forward to absorbing as much information I can this week, while taking notes on what classes I want to revisit afterwards.

What classes have you checked out so far that you liked? What do you miss most about the in-person conference?


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Quick Tip: Autodesk Health

You can subscribe to be notified of Autodesk cloud system issues or maintenance activities at health.autodesk.com.

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Vault Help: The Chat

Anyone else ever have a conversation about #AutodeskVault like this? ? Enjoy!


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