Batch Logic

Batch Logic

Batch Logic+ Configuration Checklist

In order for Batch Logic+ to work properly with the Vault Job Processor, you must configure your environment to the following checklist.

  • Batch Logic+ is installed on a dedicated Job Processor computer. You should not install or use Batch Logic+ on a computer also used for normal work within Inventor.
  • Autodesk Inventor is installed and authorized on the Job Processor computer.
  • You have added the iLogic rule you want to run to the Job Processor from the Batch Logic desktop app.

  • Vault must have the consistent Working Folder and a consistent Project File set for all clients.

  • The Batch Logic rule must be added as a Custom Job Type to the desired lifecycle state transition

  • The account used to login to the Job Processor, must be able to modify the files after the lifecycle transition has completed. For example, if a Batch logic rule is added to the ‘Work In Progress’ to ‘Released’ transition, the Job Processor account must be able to modify the released file. Adjust the security settings accordingly.

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