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Have you upgraded?

Autodesk has made available their 2015 product lineup. Have you upgraded?

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CAD Forums?

Just a quick poll of my readers. How many of you still use CAD forums? Which ones do you still visit often? Please respond to the poll below and add a comment or find me on Twitter or Facebook if you have any additional comments. Thanks all. (you can vote for up to two of …

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Where do you go for help?

Quick poll of the week. If you select other, add a comment to this post. I’m guessing most people who vote for this poll are going to vote for online forums and social networks. How else would you have found this poll? [poll id=”11″]

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Where’s the first place you go for Inventor support?

We all have our favorite place we go to get help with the latest Inventor feature or that tricky modeling problem. [poll id=”9″]

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