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Off Topic: All my old website projects in one place

This is definitely off topic, but I was discussing with a friend the other day all my old website endeavors and domain names I registered and I thought it would be neat to share. So here they are in chronological order as best as I can remember.

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Quick Tip: Windows 7 Calculator

Here’s a quick tip that suprisingly most people are unaware of. There is some not-so-apparent functions within the Microsoft Windows 7 calculator that are useful for any good designer or engineer.

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Stand and Deliver

So here it is, what my basic working office looks like. It consists of an L-shaped desk with a standing height desk and a sitting height desk. I use a laptop workstation that I connect to a docking station during the entire day. When I stand to work, I simply use the laptop screen.

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Project: Tree House (Post #1)

I’ve always had a dream of creating a really awesome tree house for my kids. Well, it’s time I turn that dream into a reality. I certainly have other more important projects I need to get done around the house, but come on… this one will be much more fun. I’ll be blogging my progress …

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