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3DConnexion CAD Mouse

I love the 3DConnexion Wireless CADMouse but the universal receiver has to be no more than 3 feet [92cm] away from the mouse or else you get a very jumpy mouse cursor. I’ve tried everything to correct the issue but I found that distance matters. The Bluetooth connection option is better performance but the mouse …

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Tip: StackExchange for 3D Printing

If you’re one of those people who is into 3D printing and are looking for a place to ask questions or lend some advice to others, I encourage you to check out 3D Printing Stack Exchange.

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Localhost making you Muy Loco?

Every once in a while I come across one of those handy computing tips that are almost impossible to find but that can relieve hours of headaches.

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Always room to innovate the old

So many new ideas, concepts and inventions happen daily that sometimes we forget innovation can happen right under our noses. We continue to use old methods, processes or tools to accomplish what we need to accomplish without a thought about it. There is always room for innovation.

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