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Rock, Paper, Autodesk.

If blueprints are going away, I would love to see what people think is replacing it that can survive a job site or fabrication floor. — Shaan Hurley (@ShaanHurley) February 12, 2013 Sometimes the best discussions start with a single tweet. You can follow the entire Twitter conversation here. Shaan and a few others were …

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Driving Constraints From Workplanes in Autodesk Inventor

Another good video from Scott Moyse and Design & Motion I discovered you can’t flip work plane normals in Autodesk Inventor in the assembly environment. Since you can in parts I was surprised, here’s my workaround

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Google+ for Autodesk Inventor Users

Being the person I am to try just about anything once, have created a community for us fellow Autodesk Inventor users to hang out. The new home for Inventor on Google+ is here…

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101 Autodesk Inventor productivity tips (from

This is by far one of the best compiled list of tips and tricks for Inventor I have seen in a long time. From Paul Munford of

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