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Google+ for Autodesk Inventor Users

Being the person I am to try just about anything once, have created a community for us fellow Autodesk Inventor users to hang out. The new home for Inventor on Google+ is here…

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101 Autodesk Inventor productivity tips (from

This is by far one of the best compiled list of tips and tricks for Inventor I have seen in a long time. From Paul Munford of

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Are your add-ins up to date?

The Exchange App Manager running within Autodesk products also offers an easy way to tell you if you have the latest version of the add-in. This is a nice way to verify you have the latest and greatest version installed on your system.

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Inventor 2013 New Feature – Move EOP

This is one of my favorite new features in Inventor 2013. You can now right click on a part feature in the browser and move the end-of-part to just below the feature. No more cumbersome dragging the EOP from the bottom up.

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