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Quick Tip: No Revit? Save disk space during Inventor 2014 install

Here’s a quick tip for those of you using Inventor 2014 that do not require any Revit™ integration.

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Autodesk Configurator 360 Launched

Autodesk has recently launched four new applications for Autodesk 360. One of these is called Autodesk Configurator 360.

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Cookin’ with Inventor

This is pretty cool. I received an email from Rejean Brousseau that said the following.

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Driving Constraints From Workplanes in Autodesk Inventor

Another good video from Scott Moyse and Design & Motion I discovered you can’t flip work plane normals in Autodesk Inventor in the assembly environment. Since you can in parts I was surprised, here’s my workaround

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