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Swift Prints for Inventor

Swift Prints allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Inventor drawings.

“If you use multiple printers for different size papers or just print multiple sizes to one printer, you’ll love this app. You might think selecting saved properties in your printer app is enough to manage printing alone, but after using this app you’ll never want to be without it. Once you’ve set it up with your personal configurations, it’s 3 clicks at the most for any print.”
Mark Green - May 21, 2019
“Been using it for 5+ years. Have about a dozen printer/page setups saved. Software just works with little configuration needed. And the developer listens to suggestions like the addition of the watermark. Just love it!”
Brendan Henderson - August 17, 2016
“Absolutely fantastic tool. I have used this extension for years, assigning different print options to certain documents and printers around the office. It’s clear and simple ability to produce and modify existing profiles is far better than the Autodesk defaults, have been using this for several years now and it is used every day. Could not recommend more!”
Matt Winyard - August 15, 2016

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Note: Read this notice regarding end-of-life for Swift Prints.

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    • Marius on August 22, 2012 at 2:13 PM
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    Thank you

    • Jason on January 13, 2014 at 3:35 PM
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    Tried printing an 11×17 ANSI B/tabloid ledger etc…it’s not printing it 1:1, for some reason it’s shrinking down the print slightly like there’s some margin issues?

    • Jason on January 14, 2014 at 8:49 AM
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    I have experimented with this some more. It seems that it’s defaulting to best fit on every plotter/printer here.

    My paper sizes are correct, the orientations are coming out fine, it’s just that nothing is to scale. If something is 3″ @ a 3″ =1′-0″ scale, it’s coming in one dimension tick shy of the 3″ mark on the scale.

    I can plot any drawing straight from Inventor, 8.5×11, 11×17, 36×24 etc, at “model 1:1”, and it comes out exactly to scale. So clearly it’s not the plotter/printers.

    However, if I plot straight from Inventor and set it at “best fit” (instead of “model 1:1”) it comes out exactly the same amount off as using Swift Prints.

    Starting to think I wasted $’s really strange that no one here has brought up this issue other than one person and that was August 2012…

    1. I’ve added 1:1 as a future enhancement but to tell you the truth, most people don’t care what scale it plots and so it has been low on the priority list. I’ve issued you a partial refund, I hope this will suffice. This will still allow you to receive the future version for free.

    • Jason on January 15, 2014 at 8:17 AM
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    Fair enough, thanks. I have to admit I’m kind of stunned by
    people not caring if their drawings are to scale. I work in the
    Nuclear industry and any dimensions we don’t provide for
    production, have to be cleared with engineering evaluation
    forms…so having as many dimensions as needed so that no one HAS
    to use a scale is very important. However, if someone wanted to
    scale, to check an overall dimension for whatever reason…that
    should just be a given. One of our submittal drawings may have
    several dimensions left of for proprietary reasons or because we
    don’t want to be locked in to something that may change slightly
    down the road…but if a customer wanted to scale something to
    check a clearance or any other dimension not required, telling them
    they cant scale our drawings would go over like a lead balloon.
    Does everyone leave the scale turned off on their views then? Why
    have sheet sizes or worry about setting up borders etc if you’re
    just going to scale to fit? Why scale views using any kind of
    standardized scale at all at that point? Even if you produce
    drawings that you never want a scale being laid on I’d think you
    would want some kind of standard/constant, not just arbitrarily
    size your drawings to fit random paper sizes. I’d really be
    surprised if any type of tube and pipe application using company
    didn’t care about scale…if they’re laying out a large piping skid
    and they’re producing a general layout type drawing (not a detailed
    spool), there could be a multitude of dimensions someone would want
    to scale…

    1. Just finished the latest update to “Swift Prints” and I squeezed the print 1:1 option as you requested in. The app is going to be submitted to Autodesk for re-certification in the next few days.

  1. Thomas; First: In principle a great idea. Thank you.
    Second: Can you put a scale factor a config so that a half size
    check print is really half size (A0 to A2, ANSI D to B) Third: Any
    odds on plot preview? Finally; (this is the big one) How do you
    turn the window off when you are done. As I write this, I keep
    clicking x in corner and it WILL NOT shut down, and thus my
    inventor is stuck. I am completely willing to assume this either a
    bug directly linked to my setup or me just missing something
    obvious, but needless to say this is way frustrating. Any help
    hugely appreciated. Cheers, M

    1. You are welcome. The scale factor (1:1) option is a feature of the next update of Swift Prints currently in final testing and certification with Autodesk. Plot preview, doubtful ever only because the focus of Swift Prints is 1 click printing. Any extra clutter is just that, clutter. If you need to, you can always use the default print dialog with Inventor for extra steps such as previewing first.
      I’m not sure about the window not closing, this is the first time I’ve heard this with hundreds of users. I suspect you have a printer config or printer issue of some sort. Can you send me a screen shot and detailed information as to your printer config here:

  2. Thomas; Funny you should mention that. Right after posting,
    I task managered out of inventor and restarted to try and do
    exactly that and I could not reproduce the hang. What ever it was,
    it seems to have sorted itself for the moment and is working. Maybe
    just a first run thing where it hung up as it did whatever its
    initial config stuff is, beats me. Anyway, seems to be alright now.
    If it does show up again, I will let you know. Other than that one
    weirdness it is a way useful plug-in. Go you. Cheers, M

    • Brian Foreman on April 8, 2015 at 2:42 PM
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    Can Swift Prints be made to only look at single network location for Configurations by default rather than have to have a user locate them themselves?

    1. Not currently, but I’ve considered that as a future feature.

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