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Cracking the Vault

Here’s a really good blog dedicated to Autodesk Vault. This is an Autodesk blog written by Autodesk employees Richard Rankin, Jason Summerfield and Francesco Tonioni. Check it out here: Cracking the Vault.

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Tweet, Tweet… Now on Twitter. is now on Twitter. Follow at: Why wouldn’t we want to be part of the Twitter craze? Only time will tell…

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Windows 7

Just pre-ordered Windows 7 to take advantage of the 50% discount. Can’t stay with XP forever. That’s all until October.

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Autdesk Labs – All the good stuff.

If you’re an Inventor user and haven’t been living in a cave, your probably aware of Autodesk’s Labs website: This site is a must see at least once a week to see what Autodesk is up to. The labs website is a compilation of various pre-release utlities Autodesk is working on that may or …

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