Use Chrome to Search the Autodesk Forums

Did you know you can save custom searches directly in Google Chrome? This is helpful to save a few clicks and allow you to search from where you are without having to open the specific website and then search using the websites search textbox.

Here’s the steps to directly search the Autodesk forums from the Chrome search box:

  • In Chrome, open the settings.
  • Click the ‘Search Engine’ option in the left menu.
  • Click ‘Manage Search Engines’
  • Scroll down to ‘Other Search Engines’ and then click ‘Add’
  • Enter ‘Autodesk Forums’ in as the search engine name
  • Use keyword ‘Autodesk’
  • Enter the URL as the following:
  • Click save!

Now you’re ready to search from the Chrome search box. Just type autodesk and the hit the tab key:

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