Autodesk adds ability to script classifications in Fusion Lifecycle

I’ve been waiting for this update to Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle for awhile. You can now programmatically interact with item classifications via scripting.  

Classifications in FLC allows for different form fields to apply to different classes of items in a  single workspace. So in this context, if you apply classifications for example to a part workspace, you can have different types of information saved for different types of parts. A mechanical component would have different attributes than an electrical component. 

Prior to this update, manipulation of classifications was all a manual process. You had to choose the classification when creating or editing the item and you couldn’t easily retrieve that information for use.

You can now write and read to an item classification after the item has been created. In the first scenario this would make FLC more useful is a workspace I use for task management. We have different types of tasks for different kinds of actions that need to happen as part of the process FLC manages. Now instead of just the simple comment field from the task’s workflow actions menu, you can add any type of field to gather input for the specific task type. 

This would also allow you to script changes in the classification as the task progresses through the process:

  • User 1 needs to enter ABC information. Classification set to allow ABC fields for entry.
  • User 2 needs to read ABC information and enter XYZ information. Classification set to hide ABC entry fields and show ABC read-only fields. XYZ fields are shown to gather input.


I’m really looking forward to getting creative with this new update. I believe this is a good situation where the new functionality can definitely be exploited for other uses beyond what the original intent was by Autodesk.

Follow the updated help documentation for how to implement.


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