maxReceivedMessageSize error in Vault

Here’s something interesting I learned today in regards to Vault when it comes to checking in large files. While debugging issues with large 30+mb drawing files that kept failing on the Job Processor I did some digging. The Job Processor error coincided with the Vault FileStore log error stating:

Exception(Inner): The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (52428800) has been exceeded.
To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element.

After doing some digging on Google, I discovered if you change the setting maxReceivedMessageSize in the web.config file on the Vault Server from the default value of “52428800” to at least “92428800” the issue is resolved. You should replace every matching value in the web.config.

This helps with large file check-in and should reduce the number of issues your clients experience as well as issues with the Job Processor.

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