Introducing Batch Logic

Happy New Year! For 2020, I’d like to introduce to you Batch Logic, for Autodesk Inventor.

Batch Logic is for those of you that have ever used iLogic to perform any kind of automation on an Inventor file like updating iProperties, applying design rules or exporting data you may have wanted to run the iLogic rule on an existing dataset. This can no be accomplished easily using Batch Logic using the most familiar scripting language available for Inventor, iLogic. No need to rewrite your existing iLogic rules in a new language.

Batch Logic allows to you select a folder of Inventor files to process and then select the iLogic rule to run. Batch Logic will open each file, process the iLogic rule and log the results. Batch Logic is easy to use with no additional scripting actions needed.

Batch Logic can be extended with Batch Logic+ for use with the Autodesk Vault Job Processor. Batch Logic+ runs within the Vault Job Processor and can be applied to Vault lifecycle state changes. Batch Logic will run the designated iLogic rule against the file being updated.

Watch the introduction video for an overview of how Batch Logic works…

If you’re interested in trying out Batch Logic, the app is currently in Beta testing and is available as a 30-day trial. During the trial period, I ask that you provide your feedback on your experience with using Batch Logic. This will help provide the best possible solution for the official launch early next year.

Want to learn more? Read the help documentation. Ready to get started? Request your 30-day trial license.

What’s next?

With several additional features planned for Batch Logic, the the app will be provided on an annual subscription once the 30 day trial has expired. Two different tiers will be provided, Batch Logic (Desktop) and Batch Logic+ (Job Processor). Competitive pricing options to be announced in the near future.

Have a question? Send us an email using our contact form located at the bottom of the Batch Logic product page.

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