Fusion Lifecycle Development – Top 5 Tips & Tricks

#5: Keep track of changes

This is one of the most important things to remember when making changes to a an existing process within your sandbox as wells as within your production tenant.

Since I use a sandbox, a break up large chunks of development into software sprints. These sprints contain a predefined subset of changes we’re trying to introduce. Before I start anything, I submit a request to refresh the sandbox with the data from our production environment. This makes sure I’m using a good baseline as a starting point and allows me to work with current data for testing. While Autodesk is working on completing this, which can take a couple days, I use the opportunity to complete the specific design scope of work to get an agreement on when complete, what the changes will look like and how will they perform. It’s much easier to make changes on paper and code to a predefined goal. Yes, there will be some changes later but they should be minor.

When I’m ready to start working on the changes, I like to create a new page in OneNote that basically is a table listing out what changes are being made. It only has 3 columns.

  • Description of Change
  • Change Type
  • Is Complete

So for example, if I make a change to the action script “ECR WF Actions” I’ll write out something like “Update ECR WF Actions” with the change type of “Script”. It really doesn’t matter everything that I change since I typically copy and paste the whole script from the sandbox to production. This is just a reminder that yes, I did make changes to this script and it will need to be copied over. I can use the versioning compare tools in Azure DevOps to see a side-by-side comparison, line by line of what changes I actually made later.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any specific questions or need help with anything Fusion Lifecyle related, send me a message using my contact form. You can also find my on Twitter @cadtoolbox.

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