Fusion Lifecycle Development – Top 5 Tips & Tricks

I’m been developing custom workspaces and scripts for Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle for about 18 months now and have learned quite a bit about how the system works, the capabilities and features and limitations as well. What Autodesk says about it being a platform you can rapidly develop on is the full truth. It’s easy to learn and easily configurable.

I’m using the word configurable and not customizable for a reason. Although it does allow you to create custom workspaces and automate to your liking using the scripting environment, you’re still developing within the guardrails of what’s allowed and how Fusion Lifecycle works. Compare this to a 100% custom website or application and you’ll understand what I mean. The sky is not the limit with Fusion Lifecyle, it’s more like a 10,000 foot cruising altitude.

“PLM helps you accelerate your product development processes across all departments and locations by automating workflows, key tasks and delivering timely information. Because Fusion Lifecycle is on the cloud, everyone has access to the data they need anytime, anywhere.”


I want to share a few things I’ve learned along the way that saves time in developing a workspace to incorporate a new process or to make changes to an existing process within Fusion Lifecycle.

Click through the next few pages and I’ll share what I’ve learned.

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