Autodesk University 2018 – See you there!

My 11 year AU hiatus is finally coming to an end with my appearance at AU 2018 this year and I can’t be more excited. This will be my 5th AU but I haven’t been in attendance since 2007. My CAD career diverted to more non-CAD software roles the last decade but have recently returned to the world of Autodesk software in the last 6 months with a new role as CAD Systems Administrator.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you that I have stayed connected with over the years through this blog and social media and am excited for all the planned classes and events.

My advice to all of you in CAD careers now…

Even when your careers divert and you separate yourself from the CAD tools you know and love, always keep your skills sharp and knowledge current. You never know when you might decide you miss it and want to return.

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