‘Swift Prints’ updated for Inventor 2017

Inventor 2017 is making it’s way into the hands of users now and with that, ‘Swift Prints’ has been updated and refreshed for 2017. This update is mostly under-the-hood improvements which make way for some exciting new features.

Some changes you’ll notice are a streamlined toolbar. The Swift Prints command button is now called ‘Print’ on a stand-alone ‘Swift Prints’ panel. The extra button that brought you to cadtoolbox.com has been removed. Hey, you paid for the app… the app is advertisement in itself.









The app also now utilizes Autodesk’s entitlement API. What that means is you’ll need to login to Autodesk360 from within Inventor to verify you have a valid license of Swift Prints in order to use it. Sorry, this is a case of one person ruining it for everyone. If you’ve already purchased multiple licenses under one email address, you can contact me so I can add the list of authorized users in your company who own a license.

There are a few cool new features already in the works, this update paves the way for those to happen. Enjoy!


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