My list of go to CAD websites & blogs

We all have our own list of favorite websites related to our jobs that we really can’t do without. Here’s my list of 2015 and the list of those one high on my list that are now those I even forget I have bookmarked. Of course, there is a few dozen more I visit regularly but not on a daily basis.

My 2015 list:

Social Media (in a very particular order)
Twitter Business and networking is what Twitter is all about. It’s an amazing resource for the CAD world.
Facebook It may be the worlds biggest, but that doesn’t mean the best.
Google+ Wouldn’t even make the list if it wasn’t for the Community functionality. The Google+ Inventor community is a truly remarkable tool for all of you Inventor users out there.

Autodesk Discussion Forums
The only discussion forum worth visiting with it’s fast responses and built in experts. If you don’t know who JD Mather is, you’re missing out.

Autodesk BETA
I would love to tell you more about the Autodesk beta program but I can’t. Just go check it out yourself.

Design & Motion
These guys obviously have figured out a way to add an extra day to the week or a few hours to each day. Scott Moyse, John Evans  and the rest of the D&M crew are content machines with new goodies coming out almost daily.

Paul Munford is yet another non-stop CAD ninja. Between his blog, forum posts, social media presence and published books I think Paul and Chuck Norris are in the same category.


Falling off the wagon this year:
Yes, I added my own forum to the declining list. My lack of fresh posts and content is obvious. Let’s hope the trend turns around and I get back on the CAD saddle soon. Honesty is always the best policy.

The once dominate forum was purchased by Sold Smack and as a forum in a social media world… it’s struggling to stay relevant. With most posts with just a few replies, you can see only the hard core anti hashtaggers stuck around.


So what sites do you visit regularly?

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  1. I almost forgot: I really do check this one out often.

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