Always room to innovate the old

So many new ideas, concepts and inventions happen daily that sometimes we forget innovation can happen right under our noses. We continue to use old methods, processes or tools to accomplish what we need to accomplish without a thought about it. There is always room for innovation.

I love cool new stuff, and when I saw this I really said to myself… “wow, what a great way to simplify!” Shift Agent is an online tool for managing your employees work schedules. I thought back to those days long ago working in a restaurant and the annoying confusion around work schedules and absences. This tool really sounds like it could be applicable to so many different types of businesses, like restaurants, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Shift Agent is an online service that allows you to publish the best employee schedule quickly. Use the app to save time and money every week as you manage your labor schedule and handle requests for days off, trades, and availability updates with ease.

Check out the demo video and decide for yourself…

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