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How do you define PLM?

How does your company define PLM?

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A Day in the life of a CAD dork – cadtoolbox.com

“I’m always curious how normal I am (mostly for laughs, admittedly).
Would folks be interested in picking a day and sort of tracking what we do throughout the day, then posting the summaries the next day? Sort of ‘a day in the life’… “

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Thought of the day

Unless you work at Dyson, don’t make the choice for new engineering software in a vacuum. Ask what needs, issues and questions the end users may have. If all you’re looking at is the cost savings of the different software licenses and accompanying server hardware you are not getting the full picture of true cost of ownership.

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DEVELOP3D Live 2015

For those of you who are reading this and also live on this side of the Atlantic in the good ole’ USA you’re probably like me and don’t give much though to what is going on abroad. We spend our 40 hour+ week, 8 hours a day with our nose to the grindstone creating CAD models, making drawings or making widgets on our 3D printers.

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