Spark: Autodesk’s 3D Printing Announcement

Autodesk Spark hit the Internet with a bang yesterday when Carl Bass blogged about Autodesk’s new push into the 3D printing realm. Spark is an open source 3D printer software platform that Autodesk plans to roll out later this year. Along with the software, Autodesk is also rolling out it’s own 3D printer it is calling a “reference implementation” of the Spark software.


This is certainly an exciting development for the 3D printing community as it certainly will put some muscle behind the push to put 3D printing into the mainstream. I can certainly attest to some of the frustrations with the current array of software available that you use to manipulate your model into something you’ll understand. It’s sometime a guess on how it will print, wasting valuable time and resources.


Read about it on Develop3D | More information can be found on the Autodesk Spark Website.

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