Autodesk Instant

Instant Oats

Like Wilford Brimley telling you to “Eat your oatmeal!”, Autodesk is telling us to try out their new Autodesk Instant messenger.

The app is available as an iOS app or Android and resembles the workings of WhatsApp where there is no actual username and password login. Authentication is based on your mobile phone number with confirmation of ownership obtained by clicking  a link from within a text message sent to your phone.

Instant allows you to create individual group chats for a specific set of users. This could be handy for discussing specific projects within your organization. You can send text based messages, images, video or your current location.


Instant Conversation

I’m assuming Autodesk’s motive for Instant is to integrate it into it’s other products. We may even see something as soon as the usual annual product announcements this spring. However, If it remains stand-alone for too long, it will just be yet another proprietary messaging services that hardly anybody uses because of the lack of interoperability.

If anyone would like to be added to the time wasting “Mad Cad Bunch” conversation, you can join us by sending me a message with your phone number. Currently, there is no way to add users using a central Instant directory of users.

I would love to hear what you all think of Autodesk Instant, so far I have read mixed reactions. Mostly, yes the app is cool and very easy to use… but it’s still just another messaging service. Now if you could message your colleague in realtime directly from within Inventor when you finish uploading the latest edits of your models to the Vault… that would be cool.


Instant is a mobile app designed to make communicating with your team fast, easy and simple.
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