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You may have read my post titled “What I would change about GrabCAD Partner Spaces“. Since then, I’ve been fiddling around with Workbench some and created a folder to store documentation. After clicking on an Excel document that I uploaded I see this message, and oh how disappointing. 🙁     …yes the emoticon was necessary.

preview not supported

So what should happen when you click on a Office document? (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Etc) A live editable view where changes can be made without leaving GrabCAD Workbench is the ideal scenario.

Maybe something similar to an embedded SkyDrive document…

A Google Docs version is a little clunky with what I can do on this blog but you get the idea…

[gview file=”” save=”0″]


There’s also plenty of other 3rd party tools for being able to embed and edit Office documents in a web page. A plethora of options for GrabCAD to be able to provide real-time editing of Office documents from directly within Workbench and it’s a shame that we can’t even preview the file types yet. I’m sure this is only a matter of time before features like this are added.

Additionally, the mobile Workbench app should first of all allow you to view not just renderings and 3D models as it does now but any file type. This would also let you open these files in other mobile apps such as Documents To Go or Office 365 Mobile.



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  1. Grabcad is doing great work. It goes without saing that they will fix it.

    They are carefull when listening to users (customers).

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  2. @GrabCAD listens to its users, for sure.

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