Vault 2014 Subscription Enhancements

Autodesk has made available for Vault 2014 a set of two subscription only enhancements, “Vault 2014 Data Standard” and “Vault 2014 Subscription Release 1”.

Vault 2014 Data Standard

Data Standard is a data control feature for the Vault Client, Inventor, and AutoCAD that allows administrators to enforce how users enter Vault data.

For some companies, users have too much freedom regarding Vault data. Users can deviate from company policy by selecting different folders in which to store design data, modifying properties for one file but not another, or ignoring naming schemes in one application but not another.

Data Standard allows administrators to customize dialogs that enforce a standardized workflow for entering Vault data across the Vault Client, AutoCAD, and Inventor applications. Since the Data Standard dialog is fully customizable, administrators can design the workflow that best suits their company’s design needs.

The basic features of Data Standard are the same across all supported applications. Start your application, create a new document and start writing/designing your content. After the user first saves a file, the Data Standard dialog appears requesting certain data. Once the user has completed all of the fields, Data Standard generates the file name and location based on the data. The Save button becomes active only when all obligatory fields are complete.

Vault 2014 Data Standard installs on a client machine in two separate executable files. The first patches the Vault Explorer client, the second patches Inventor or AutoCAD. There is nothing you need to install on the Vault server in order to enable Data Standard.

Without customizing anything, you can see how the enhancement works by opening Inventor and creating a new file. You will see a new ribbon toolbar called “Data Standard”. You can enable or disable Data Standard from this toolbar.


When you save the file for the first time using the save button from the Data Standard toolbar or the normal save functions of Inventor, the Data Standard dialog will appear prompting you to enter the required fields based on the administrative configuration.


For the default configuration, the dialog prompts you for the folder to save the file to, title, description and comments. Whatever is entered into the folder field will result in the file being saved into a folder of that name withing your Vault project folder structure. I’ll show you how to customize this dialog in a future post in order to make it more meaningful and to standardized without the chance of free text errors we’re trying to avoid in the first place by installing Data Standard.

The dialog can be fully customized allowing for some unique methods to drive your organization to conformance upfront during the design process.

The Data Standard dialog will also appear within the Vault Explorer client along with some additional powerful tools for creating new files based on standard templates as well as an assembly CAD BOM viewing from directly within the Vault Explorer complete with quantities.




The second enhancement is the subscription release 1 which we will also get into more detail in future posts.

Vault 2014 Subscription Release 1

Autodesk Vault 2014 Subscription Release 1 focuses on improving the editing workflow , introducing a brand new thin client experience, and broadening the feature offerings in the Revit Vault Add-in.

Cracking the Vault | Autodesk Help

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    • Peter Crawley on January 15, 2014 at 3:25 PM
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    Great post – thanks. Can’t believe I missed the
    announcement of the Data Standards tool?! Probably worth adding
    somewhere that both these tools only work on Vault Workgroup
    & Vault Professional – not Vault Basic.

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