3DSystems Launches TeamPlatform

As a result of a recent acquisition, 3D Systems Corp continues its march forward with the launch of TeamPlatform for cloud based CAD collaboration. Engadget recently referred to TeamPlatform as “the Google Docs of the 3D modeling world”. TeamPlatform offers a full feature set for your team. A direct competitor to GrabCAD Workbench, I found a few features that distinguish TeamPlatform from Workbench.

File Sharing
TeamPlatform allows for embedding of files within your own website, allowing you to use TeamPlatform to manage your CAD data within your branded website.

Online Web Viewer
TeamPlatform boasts over online previewing of 130+ file formats. Although this is an impressive list, I found the viewer to be disappointing  since it required Adobe Flash to view certain file format types. Anyone using a Mac will not be too impressed with this requirement.

TeamPlatform Desktop Sync
Sync your TeamPlatform data with your desktop easily using the desktop sync tool.

Meta data search
As basic of a feature as this sounds, GrabCAD Workbench lacks this. TeamPlatform allows for full searching of all CAD file properties.

3D Point Cloud Support

Manage the complete reverse engineering, inspection or surfacing pipeline with TeamPlatform. Large 3D mesh file support, online previews, mark-up and instant measurement streamlines cross-format collaboration.

3D Printing Service Quotes
Create a request for quote directly from TeamPlatform to have your models 3D printed.

Project Management
TeamPlatform offers complete task and project management tools for keeping your projects on time.

Customer Service Portal
I found this feature of TeamPlatform to be quite exciting. TeamPlatform provides tools to create a complete portal for your customers with no cost for guest access.

I’ll hopefully be able to dedicate some time to checking out TeamPlatform more in depth and I’ll certainly share what I learn here on cadtoolbox.com.


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