Off Topic: All my old website projects in one place

This is definitely off topic, but I was discussing with a friend the other day all my old website endeavors and domain names I registered and I thought it would be neat to share. So here they are in chronological order as best as I can remember. Registered the domain name way back in 1996 and am still holding on to it today. I actually ran it as a mildly successful website reseller business back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I use it now to host my email only. Never did anything with this domain, decided to let the domain name expire. Wish I would have held onto this domain name. I registered it way back in 1997 but never could quite figure out what to do with it. (2002-2004): This was the funnest website I ever ran. It was dedicated to the nightlife and entertainment in Wilmington, NC. I had four people who acted as critics for the website, they would visit the local establishments and write reviews. I remember  enjoying seeing road side signs for the places with “Find us at” the most. At the peek of the website, I was averaging 3,000 unique visitors a day. After a good couple of years, I had a disastrous database failure that I could never quite gain enough momentum after the website was back up and running. I sold the domain for a good chuck of change that made it all worth it. A project my brother and I started, I worked for almost a year coding. It was basically a search tool to find local garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries and such. It located by your zipcode by distance. Members were able to rate the establishment, add comments, etc. The businesses could add their hours, pictures, current sales, etc. This project was about 75% complete when Google beat us to the punch and the usefulness diminished enough where we just lost interest. I just wish I could have gotten those all nighters back. Almost sold the domain after not using it for anything, best decision I never made. I enjoy blogging here the best out of all my past projects. Thanks for visiting.




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