Autodesk Configurator 360 Launched

Autodesk has recently launched four new applications for Autodesk 360. One of these applications is called Autodesk Configurator 360.

Autodesk® Configurator 360™ product configuration software enables custom product manufacturers to upload designs to an accessible, cloud-based environment. Fast and easy to deploy, this web configurator gives your customers and sales teams immediate access to your entire catalog of products.

Configurator 360 is in simple terms a way to generate a catalog of parts from your Inventor models and drawings. You may use Inventors iParts or Content Center now to generate your product catalog of Inventor models and drawings with different sizes, features, colors or materials. Configurator 360 is a method in which you can move this process to the cloud for real time design configuration accessible directly by your customers.

Your products can be added to Configurator 360 using the website The product catalog is accessible by your customers using a companion iPad app. A custom website URL will also be created when you upload a model to Configurator 360 that allows you to directly access and configure the model.

Once you login to Configurator 360, you are able to customize the appearance of your online catalog complete with name, colors and logo. Their is also an option to accept request for quotes directly from Configurator 360.

Once you upload an Inventor model you’ll be able to edit the parameters that allow for customization of your product catalog. Any parameter renamed in Inventor will be exposed to Configurator 360. What is surprising is the lack of true customization. You are only able to specify a range of values and not a pick list of values for a specific parameter. Also, their is no function to suppress or include features, change material or colors. After seeing how limited the tool is, I would think it should be reclassified as a labs or beta product only.


Here’s the catalog I created to test it out: I wasn’t that impressed yet with how much customization it allowed, I would hope some day they allow a method to embed the Configurator 360 interface into your own companies website.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself. The site states the initial login is for a 90 day trial. I would not be too quick to pay for it yet, it definitely needs some maturing before it would be considered an actual product in my mind.

Read more about it here.

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