Google+ for Autodesk Inventor Users

Google has just today introduced communities for Google+ users. Basically a place for users of a similar interest to have discussions.

Google+ Communities can be open to anyone on the network, but they can be private if you wish, so members have the opportunity to share photos, forum posts, and even add Hangouts and Events without worrying about that content being available to anyone and everyone on the web.

– Engadget

Being the person I am to try just about anything once, have created a community for us fellow Autodesk Inventor users to hang out. The new home for Inventor on Google+ is here:

Note that the URL address does not contain the community name and I already tested the fact that you can create multiple communities on Google+ with the same name. So their may be many Inventor communities at some point… but at least I’ll always know that this one was first.

We’ll see how it grows and what it may evolve into. I already have a presence on Google+ through my personal profile, and the Cape Fear Inventor Users Group. You can also find me on Twitter (@cadtoolbox) and on Facebook.


Let me know what you think. Post a comment below or visit one of the sites above to track me down.



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