AUGI wishlist… I wish I may I wish I might

I’m still not happy with the whole AUGI wishlist process. I know I can volunteer to help, but some things are just too much out of control to try and tackle. My answer, was to create my own wishlist system which is based on Twitter. Yes, I know it’s not perfect either and I haven’t quite figured out the perfect way to process the received wishes. I’m going to work on a better system for input and handling the wishes… but we’ll see. I’ve promised lots before and I only have so much time in the day. ūüôā


A wish granted can not be granted until it is truly granted…

An AUGI member has reported that this wish has been granted and appears in the software. An administrator will review it promptly.

Wish ID: #411333

Wish Title: Attach Text, Symbols to View

Status: Hall of Fame Pending

Product: Inventor

Feature: Drawing Manager

Edited By: ******* on Fri, 12 Oct 2012

Summary: Be abl to attach text, symbols, etc to views without creating sketch

Description:  Ability to attach text, symbols or any other annotation to a view without creating a sketch.

Product and Feature: Inventor РDrawing Manager

Submitted By: Thomas Rambach on 09/13/2006

Granted Reason: Use a leader with the symbol or text first then delete the leader. I know, the workflow is not obvious.

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    • scott on November 10, 2012 at 5:48 PM
    • Reply

    Why did you post this image Thomas? I’m not following what you are trying to say.

    But whoever wrote this isn’t strictly correct:

    “Use a leader with the symbol or text first then delete the leader. I know, the workflow is not obvious.”

    You don’t have to delete it, there’s a tickbox which you can use so the leader isn’t displayed. But I’m not sure this is what your wish was all about anyway right? I’m a bit confused by it.

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