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The Autodesk Exchange Apps store has been live for quite a few months now and I have answered this same question dozens of times already… so I thought I should blog about it and see if I can get Autodesk to pass this information along to the general public.

It’s very important to understand that when you purchase any add-in from the store that it is only going to be compatible with a 2013 version of Autodesk software (Inventor, AutoCAD, etc). This doesn’t necessarily mean the add-in application was specifically written for 2013, it simply has to do with the method Autodesk packages the add-in for addition into the Exchange store and how the resulting package is installed on your system.

Be sure to check the “Compatible with” information listed under the add-ins download details before making a purchase.

For those of you who have purchased any add-ins from the Exchange Apps store and are still only running 2012 or 2011… fear not. I have sent you all a link to download the legacy version if you have emailed me.

…and who says engineers don’t like to read instructions? 😉

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