Quick Tip: Windows 7 Calculator

Here’s a quick tip that suprisingly most people are unaware of. There is some not-so-apparent functions within the Microsoft Windows 7 calculator that are useful for any good designer or engineer. Hidden under the View menu is a trove of cool tools such as a unit conversion tool, a data calculation tool and various built in worksheets for calculating payments.

The unit conversion tool contains the standard categories you’ll find in any good conversion utility with the added benefit of being built directly within the Windows operating system for quick access via most keyboards calculator quick key.

The date calculation utility allows you to get the number of days between two dates or calculate the date from a set date to a set number of days. This is a great utility for project management reference.

The worksheets functions contain tools for mortgage payment calculation, a vehicle lease calculator and miles per gallon calculation.

If Microsoft just isn’t your thing, you can always do a Google search for “Calculator” and display Google’s in-browser calculator.

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