Stand and Deliver

Recently I Tweeted that I stand up to work for almost my entire work day. included this Tweet in a great blog post about the zen and art of technical drawing:

No one can create technical drawings productively and with their full concentration indefinitely. Like all things in life there is a balance.

This prompted @MPetrikas to ask me:

So here it is, what my basic working office looks like. It consists of an L-shaped desk with a standing height desk and a sitting height desk. I use a laptop workstation that I connect to a docking station during the entire day. When I stand to work, I simply use the laptop screen.

When I choose to sit, which is actually vary rare I can turn on the dual monitors on the sitting desk and work. Both setups have separate 3Dconnexion Space Pilots so I do not have to move anything around.

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  1. You are a trend setter 😉

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  2. This is pretty coincidental… I was just browsing cadsetterout’s G+ postings, and saw he linked to this post of yours. I just did a similar post myself. I’m now standing (part of the day) like you, and I totally enjoy it!

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    1. It makes you feel better at the end of the day for sure.

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