Are your add-ins up to date?

The addition of the Exchange App Manager within Autodesk products and the accompanying Exchange Apps store was a welcome addition in the 2013 product lineup. This allows Autodesk to manage a central, quality controlled library of user created add-ins for Inventor, AutoCAD and other Autodesk products.

Certainly the quality control aspect of the store is a big plus for anyone wanting to gain the productivity from a cool add-in without some of the risk that it will destroy something else on your system. I can tell you from going through the process with Autodesk for Swift Prints and Design Notes, Autodesk is very thorough.

The Exchange App Manager running within Autodesk products also offers an easy way to tell you if you have the latest version of the add-in. This is a nice way to verify you have the latest and greatest version installed on your system.

Open the Exchange App Manager from the tools menu.

View the list of installed apps to check the status. The manager will tell you if the app is up to date.

If an app is missing the ‘Up to Date’ check mark, you can launch the Autodesk Exchange Apps website from the dialog window to download the latest version available.

I would recommend closing Inventor before running the downloaded installer file. Once you run the setup and re-launch Inventor. Open the Exchange App Manager again to verify the app is up to date.



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