July 2012 archive

Autodesk PLM 360 on YouTube

Kevin Robinson from Autodesk says you should check out the Autodesk PLM 360 channel on YouTube. So get crackin’.

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Create a Recycle Bin for Vault

Any good CAD manager will probably tell you that giving your employees the power to delete files from the Vault at will can be a dangerous thing. Most Vault instances are setup where normal users only have read, write and modify permissions on a folder. Normal users do not have the ability to delete files or folders.

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101 Autodesk Inventor productivity tips (from cadsetterout.com)

This is by far one of the best compiled list of tips and tricks for Inventor I have seen in a long time. From Paul Munford of cadsetterout.com

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Are your add-ins up to date?

The Exchange App Manager running within Autodesk products also offers an easy way to tell you if you have the latest version of the add-in. This is a nice way to verify you have the latest and greatest version installed on your system.

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