April 2012 archive

SkyDrive + AutoCAD WS (a marriage made in the clouds)

Microsoft released a new desktop application for Windows and Mac that can be used to sync a local folder to your SkyDrive account. Similar to how Dropbox works, the folder stays synchronized with SkyDrive and all changes (additions, modifications and deletions) appear in very close to real time on your desktop, web and phone.

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Inventor 2013 New Feature – Move EOP

This is one of my favorite new features in Inventor 2013. You can now right click on a part feature in the browser and move the end-of-part to just below the feature. No more cumbersome dragging the EOP from the bottom up.

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My 2012 End of Days, CAD Bucket List

I had a random thought the other day. I was thinking of CAD things I would like to posses or accomplish before the end of the world occurs this year. Everyone needs a bucket list, and only CAD nerds like myself need a CAD bucket list for the end of the world

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