Develop3D and Develop3D Live

Develop3D is not your typical CAD magazine. London based, Develop3D brings a refreshingly non-american view point to their articles. What’s more, Develop3D’s writers are just a tweet away with most of them responding fairly regularly including the legendary Al Dean (@alistardean), Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Develop3D. You can also follow Martyn Day (@martynday), Greg Corke (@GregCorkeGreg), Tanya Weaver (@tanya_weaver), Stephen Holmes (@swearstoomuch), Develop3D (@Develop3D), Develop3D Sustainability (@D3DxSustainable) and Develop3D Live (@DEVELOP3DLive).

I’ve been a fan of Al Dean and Develop3D ever since listening to him on the weekly Engineer Vs. Designer Podcast (@EvD1). The articles are some of the best written, most informative, and unbiased I have read out of any professional CAD magazine. Some of my recent favorites have been the articles unveiling Autodesk’s new PLM solution, Autodesk 360.

The magazine is free to residents of the UK with a subscription for purchase available through their online store for the rest of us. Develop3D also has it’s own Apple iOS App, for those of you who don’t miss flipping the paper pages.

Interestingly enough, the staff at Develop3D is set to bring more to it’s readers than what it writes. They are hosting a one day manufacturing, product design and engineering event on March 20, 2012, titled Develop3D Live. The event is featuring an impressive list of speakers which include Blake Courter; co-founder of SpaceClaim, Tom Kurke; CEO of Geomagic, Hardi Meybaum; CEO of Grabcad and Kevin Schneider; Sr. Product Manager at Autodesk.

DEVELOP3D Magazine is inviting you to its inaugural product design, engineering and manufacturing event at Warwick University on 20 March, 2012.

The single-day event will bring together experts from around the world, and some of the most exciting, interesting speakers we could find, to give insights into what is coming next, the latest technology to give you competitive advantage and a host of genuinely new ideas to breath life into product development and manufacture, both in the UK and around the world.

More Develop3D Live information: Read About It | Register

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