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This contest was recently brought to my attention. WikiCAD by Novedge is running a contest thru November 30th for US residents to submit their best 3D CAD design for a chance to win some very cool prizes. The grand prize is $1,000 cash, round trip airfare to San Francisco from anywhere in the US, two nights hotel stay and a trip to the Autodesk gallery. All you have to do to enter is submit your best work from something you most likely do every day anyway.

Upload an image or video of your best AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit or Inventor 3D design. Tag the upload with ‘WINSF’ and gather as many Facebook Likes or Google +1’s as you can before the Nov. 30th deadline. Whoever get’s the most combined Likes or +1’s wins. Sounds easy enough. There’s just one catch… the design has to be yours. Sorry, people… no stealing other peoples hard work from GrabCAD and uploading it as your own.

As a plus to being informed of this contest I also now have another website I must explore, WikiCAD. This is the first time I’ve seen the site or heard about it. WikiCAD is a micro social network dedicated to the CAD community. If your scared of the generic, macro nature of Google+, Facebook or Twitter… WikiCAD may be right up your alley. It looks fairly new based on the current activity, but I’m a firm believer in giving everything a fair try. WikiCAD does contain an extensive list of current CAD jobs as well as a fairly full events calendar.

I personally would really like to check out the Autodesk gallery in San Francisco. Unfortunately I despise Google+ and am not that connected to Facebook as I am to Twitter. So you all have a mildly fair chance of beating me out on this contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

More Information can be found here:



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