European Southern Observatory powered by Autodesk software

European Southern Observatory (ESO) is in the midst of designing the world’s largest optical telescope with help from Autodesk. ESO designers and engineers are leveraging several key pieces of Autodesk software for development, testing and management, including:
• Autodesk Vault – allows ESO engineers to design with a common understanding and collaborate with the numerous individuals involved with the project to generate, examine, compare and update CAD models generated by different teams
• Autodesk Inventor – provides 3D mechanical design, product simulation and design communication, in conjunction with Vault, to keep the team synchronized throughout the design project while collaborating to design critical systems that require extra attention
• Autodesk Navisworks – helps designers and non-CAD users compare multiple CAD drawings, visualize them and check for interferences in 3D

Autodesk is enabling the ESO to coordinate workflows, translate data models, fine-tune their design to ensure accuracy and functionality of the European Extremely Large Telescope, which will be capable of gathering 15 times more light than today’s current cutting-edge telescopes and gather a staggering 100 million times more light than the human eye when it’s fully built in the next decade.

I think this announcement shows the maturity of Inventor and Vault and how the benefit of bundling design software into suites with the release of the 2012 product line is really benefiting Autodesk’s customers. This is exactly what Autodesk set to achieve by offering a complete design solution. You also now have a robust digital prototyping solution that roles in a native FEA package directly into your workflow.

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