Autodesk Cloud Now Available! – (Exclusive)

Taking a page out of how Engadget would do it, I just entered into my web browser and bam! It works. Looks like this is what Autodesk is set to announce soon. I was surprised that it was such a plain address and already open to the public. Just sign on using your existing Autodesk username and you get 1GB of free storage. Enjoy!

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Autodesk Cloud Now Available! - (Exclusive), 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. – Looks like the cloud does not like Firefox for 3D viewing, I had to switch to Chrome to use it.

    – If you want to try out the public sharing feature, use this link.

    – And now the video tutorial.

    Join the Autodesk Cloud Discussion on Twitter using the hastag #AutodeskCloud or
    on @mcadforums at:

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  2. It’s now official from Autodesk. Here’s a good summary from Mark Flayler:

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