Autodesk Design Review for iOS – Now Available

Well Autodesk has finally done it and released ‘Design Review’ for iOS devices. I am also now certain that they are really up to something big with all of this. I have discussed this in several past blog posts and Autodesk has finally delivered:

What’s notable about the application is the Autodesk Cloud option. Opening this folder brings you to the standard Autodesk logon window. After I signed on, I almost was in disbelief that my FishFinder PDF appeared in the list of available documents. This was the document I uploaded using the Autodesk Labs Project Nitrous application as discussed in this blog post. Very cool, indeed. This is also starting to paint a grand picture for the November 29th Vault announcement at Autodesk University discussed in this blog post.

The Design Review application itself seemed to function well but  it looks like for now it is just a basic, bare bones application with 3D model and 2D drawing viewing capabilities. It also allows you to add basic text and callout redlines. No measurement tool is available but you can obtain property information on individual components that may contain the length. Measurement capability would certainly be a nice plus if Autodesk decides to add it in future updates.

Unfortunately, the app can not yet import DWF’s from email attachments on your iOS device yet. The Autodesk Labs Project Nitrous tool is the best interim method for importing files for use with the app until something more streamlined is provided. Update(1): Also, the Nitrous project seems to be disabled. Update(2): Project Nitrous is working again. The Design Review app has this in the help file: “Upload a document: If you have an Autodesk Cloud account, you can upload documents from your desktop or laptop”. Well, since I do not have an account, don’t know what it is and certain this is available in the future and not not… the iPhone Design Review app can only view the sample data on your phone and nothing more right now.

I’m really looking forward to using this app for some real world, in the field scenarios. Also looking forward to the final big picture tie in for all the puzzle pieces to fit together. I’m sure, we’re definitely in for some exciting, new applications to really start putting some meat and potatoes type backing to the whole Autodesk data management vision.

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  1. Based on the 1000’s of people who have searched Google for “DWF iPhone” and have arrived here at and the enormous spike in site traffic just in the few minutes since posting this article, I have a feeling this is going to be a great success for Autodesk.
    Please post your comments on your impression of the app or find me on Twitter at @cadtoolbox

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    • scott moyse on September 27, 2011 at 5:22 AM
    • Reply

    So it looks like you can’t return a marked up dwf to the cloud from this app, it just stays locally on the iPhone/iPad within DesignReviewMobile. If thats the case its nothing more than a viewer and the markups are kinda pointless.

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