Project Nitrous from Autodesk Labs

I found myself trying out Project Nitrous from Autodesk Labs this weekend. Nitrous seems to be some pretty sweet and clean code for sharing documents over the web. This could be the forerunner to what I discussed  in this post regarding Autodesk’s upcoming 11/29 announcement. If you note on the Nitrous page, it says the preview is available until Sept 27th. Maybe this is because it will be closed down for preparations for whatever is coming on 11/29? Makes sense to me. So hurry up and check it out for yourself before it closes down on the 27th.

Autodesk Project Nitrous is a cloud-based collaboration service for design files. Architects, Engineers, Design Professionals, and their clients can all use Project Nitrous to view, edit, and share their 2D and 3D design files. There is no need to own an Autodesk product or to download special software to use this service. Getting started is as simple as creating an account and uploading your first file. Project Nitrous provides every user with 1GB of free storage space and an unlimited amount of collaboration. The technology preview is available until September 27, 2011.

The interface is real crisp with minimal clutter. I love working with interfaces like this. As a test I uploaded a PDF document (NC fish species identification) just for fun. Nitrous allows you to upload the document as well as upload future new versions of the document. You also have the ability to create a full comment thread on the document and see the entire document activity history. Pretty slick stuff from Autodesk. I definitely can see this as the backbone powering some other future, more complex web based product.

Document Interface

The comment and activity thread for a selected document:

Comments and Activity

Project Nitrous from Autodesk:


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  1. Thanks Paul (@cadsetterout) for bringing Nitrous back to my attention for this post.

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  2. Thanks for your positive review of Project Nitrous.

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