SolidSmack my integrated Space Pilot & keyboard solution

I can’t write much more about this. Josh Mings (@JoshMings) covered it in a nutshell on his website, You can read about my interim solution for integrating a 3Dconnexion (@3DConnexion) Space Pilot with a standard keyboard here:

Of course, if you all want to help me out and design it yourself you can enter the 3Dconnexion design challenge: or vote for the integrated designs already posted to the 3DConnexion Facebook page.

Design your ultimate 3D mouse – no holds barred!! The only criteria is to ensure your design integrates 3Dconnexion’s existing controller cap. After all, it’s the heart of a 3D mouse, so look after it!

Thanks again @JoshMings, @SolidSmack, @3DConnexion as well as @InventorTopixJD (Jamie pointed me in the right direction for the already submitted designs.)


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  1. Glad I could help you out Thomas

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