Where do you go for help?

Quick poll of the week. If you select other, add a comment to this post. I’m guessing most people who vote for this poll are going to vote for online forums and social networks. How else would you have found this poll?

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    • Scott on July 29, 2011 at 4:17 PM
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    The sub site is only really useful for those curly ones, at the end of the day i want answers NOW! not tomorrow or the next day.

    I only really use our reseller to sound ideas off, sometimes talking triggers something in the mind to solve the problem. I only use the reseller if I no one in my office wont know what i’m talking about. Quite often the Reseller cant help with the kinds of issues we have.

    You didn’t have the help files on there. That should be everyone’s first stop, in the long standing Autodesk products they really are quite good. The vault help files are a bit too geeky and need to be written in more plain english, you shouldn’t have to be an IT expert to understand them.

    The Wiki has HUGE potential. I refer to that an equal 2nd with the Discussion groups. The wiki will probably end up a clear 2nd as it matures

    1. Help Files
    2. Discussion groups & then Wiki at times.
    3. Inside Company Experts
    4. Reseller
    5. Subscription site
    5. Autodesk staff for whom i have direct e-mails.

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